Keeping your business safe in a changing world

Cybersecurity Concerns Should No Longer Be Ignored

It is now more critical than ever for businesses to adopt information security policies and technologies to protect themselves and their customers from compromise.

We understand your dual priorities of security and business competitiveness, and are ready to help you tackle them head on.

Beginning with a conversation on your security needs, we work with you thereafter to address immediate challenges and enhance the maturity of your security programs over time.

Safeguard Your Business

It is imperative that businesses harness all defences and take proactive measures to mitigate the risk of a data breach, with estimated cost of recovery at an average of $1.35 million* (NTT Security Risk: Value Report, 2017) along with cultural impact of a breach such as brand damage and loss of customer confidence.

Leveraging on our global capabilities, we enable cyber resilience by building and implementing high-performing, effective security, risk and compliance management programs for your organisation.

Our Service Approach

Managed Security Services

Threats are not going away, and the information security workforce shortfall is increasing globally. Outsourcing some or all security operations to a MSS provider brings value including device management, insights into global threat intelligence data, and detecting new threats via advanced analytics.

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Risk Assessment

By identifying and quantifying current risk exposure, a risk assessment provides insight for informed decisions, allowing organisations to develop a risk management strategy that’s aligned to business goals.

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Phishing Assessment

Known to cost businesses over half a billion dollars a year, phishing assessments are a powerful way to make important discoveries about risk from user behaviour, technical vulnerabilities and process errors, reducing the risk of social engineering attacks.

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The Full Security Life Cycle

With an exclusive focus on information security, we care for your end-to-end security needs through combining the power of advanced analytics, the breadth of threat intelligence and experienced security experts that aim to provide the strongest possible protection for your infrastructure, platforms, applications, information and users.

Solutions That Matter


Risk Assessment – CISO Advisory + Support – Security Education and Awareness – Security Strategy Development – Security Program Development


Enterprise Security Monitoring – Security Device Management – Vulnerability Management


Incident Response and Forensics – Compliance with Regulatory Frameworks and Assessments – Penetration Testing – Red Team Assessments

Case Study


BAMA is Norway’s largest private distributor of fruit and vegetables who engages in wholesale trading with 1,300 suppliers worldwide. They wanted to re-establish and future-proof their security platform against sophisticated potential attacks.

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The Client is the EMEA’s subsidiary of a multinational trading company whose IT team provides for offices across 25 countries. They required an IT maturity risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities and gaps.

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FINANCE sector continues to be cybercrime’s biggest target

NTT Security's Global Threat Intelligence Report 2019 (GTIR) highlights key challenges observed over the past year, including an escalation in coin mining, web-based attacks and credential theft.

Key Trends:

  • Finance and Technology companies face the most attacks (17% of all attacks)
  • Finance has been the most attacked or joint-most attacked sector for 6 of the last 7 years
  • However, 83% of businesses are sinking or only treading water against the rising tide of cybersecurity threats

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Examining business attitudes to risk and the value of information security.

This year’s Risk:Value Report from NTT Security shows that many businesses are paralyzed in their efforts to address cyber risk and are falling behind cyber criminals as the capabilities of their adversaries advance. NTT Security Risk:Value Index, measuring cybersecurity good practice, remains at +3, showing that there has been no progress since 2018.

Find out what organisations told us in our Risk:Value 2019 Report.

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Building a Cyber Resilient Enterprise
A Frost & Sullivan insights report

People and businesses are heavily reliant on technology and the internet in this day and age. With the advert of Internet of Things (IoT), this complex and interconnected environment, while convenient is becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats.

Hear from Kenny Yeo, Key Analyst, Frost & Sullivan and re-think your cyber security.

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