Managed Journey to Hybrid Cloud

The Next Destination:
Managed Microsoft Azure Stack Solution

Over 51% large enterprises are already using both public and private cloud infrastructures1. Yet the journey to true hybrid cloud is complex and challenging, some organizations even scale back cloud deployment due to data sovereignty or governance regulations.

This is where Managed Microsoft Azure Stack Solution is stepping in as a game changer, providing enterprises a seamless and consistent cloud experience:

Enhanced Security
Greater Agility
Simplified Management
Faster Time to Market
Modernized Application against Legacy
Enable Consistency & Synchronization

1Source: “The Power of Hybrid Cloud”, IDC, May 2017

Book your Proof of Concept today & leverage the knowledge of leading NTT Communications & Azure Stack technical engineers!

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We offer proof of concept* for you to access to the key features of Managed Azure Stack Solution powered by Microsoft and NTT Communications

POC includes:

Free consultancy to help you out with your cloud strategy
Dedicated test server with Azure connectivity
Supported by a global team of Azure Stack expert
Powered by DELL & INTEL

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Why NTT Communications?

An early adopter of Azure Stack: Our engineering team works closely with the Microsoft support labs in Redmond, making us one of the leading technical authorities on this new, exciting hybrid cloud platform.

#1 in data center in the world: Our extensive expertise is important for hosted single tenant Azure Stack, or multi-tenant Azure Stack.

Top 5 IP backbone operator: We are experts in connectivity, which is important for Azure Stack on remote premises and edge computing. We also provide enterprises with seamless access to multiple clouds, creating a true hybrid cloud environment.

End-to-end Solution: As a Managed Services expert, we wrap Azure and Azure Stack in an end-to-end solution, taking care of everything from infrastructure, cloud to applications, as well as security & compliance, so you do not need to manage that complexity. And we can customize solution to meet your unique business needs.